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Land Loans: Malibu, Topanga, Calabasas 

The Bankers Group mission is to help you secure the best financing terms for your land loan purchase in the greater Los Angeles area. If you’re looking for a real estate purchase of land, there’s a different set of requirements for buyers interest in land loans than for those who need a conventional home mortgage. 

If you’re looking for land in areas like Malibu, Calabasas and Topanga where you could build your dream home, Bankers Group has the right land financing choices for you.

If you’re not yet ready to build, you can use our lot loan program which offers both fixed rates and adjustable rates and can finance up to 90 percent of the loan to value. Available too are stated income loans and fully documented loans.

Land Loans Financing


Funding a Land Purchase — Some key understandings to keep in mind for land loans are as follows:


  • Lenders need surveyed boundaries to issue a loan on land.
  • Check the property’s zoning and land-use restrictions.
  • Check the property’s access to utilities and public roads.
  • The more improved the land—build-ready lot, unimproved lot, raw land—the lower your borrowing cost.

Terms of Land Loans


Land loans are relatively short term loans, lasting two to five years before a balloon payment is due. Longer term loans exist. A conversion to a longer term loan can be done too, especially if you’re building a residential home on the property. If the property already has street and utility access, this makes for an easier approval process for that property.

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