Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan

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What is a hard money loan?

Mortgage loans that are made to borrowers who have significantly adverse credit are hard money loans. such loans usually are made by funding companies or private investors. And, a hard money loan can be a non-conventional real estate loan based on real estate equity thereby side-stepping a major part of the verification a Federally-insured bank requires to lend the same amount of money. Hard money loans are collateralized by real estate, have higher interest rates and lower LTV’s (loan-to-value ratios) and are common because the lender is not backed by a government institution, unlike mortgages given by banks.

Who are hard money loans ideal for?

Hard money real estate loans are ideal for borrowers who are unable to obtain funding through a conventional source.

Bad credit lenders often provide construction loans, real estate loans, bridge loans and home mortgage loans and commercial real estate loans more rapidly than traditional mortgage lenders.

We specialize in hard money loans in Los Angeles County. If you have a legitimate need and sufficient equity in your property we can help you. We respond to hard money loan requests with integrity and in a timely and professional manner.

When time is of the essence, we can move quickly to meet your time frame. We are a no nonsense, no frills, get it done company, offering every type of option you may require.

Hard Money Loans

What Is A Hard Money Loan?

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by Daniel Hall
March 6, 2018 2:23 pm

Buying real estate as an investment can be an emotional experience. After all, you may have a lot of money already invested in a property through earnest money, third party reports and more. You may also have high hopes of turning an incredible profit through your investment strategy for the property. Clearly, you have a lot to lose if you do not find the right financing for your project, and it can be devastating to learn that your project cannot be funded through a bank loan. You may think that no bank will touch your loan request, and this may actually be true. However, a hard money lender may provide you with the funding that you need to move forward with the project.

What Is Hard Money?

You may have heard about hard money loans in passing, and you may have heard that they have very short terms and high interest rates. These two facts may have kept you from researching hard money loans any further. After all, why would you apply for that type of loan when a bank loan has a longer term and a lower interest rate? The answer is because banks will not fund all loan scenarios, and this includes loan scenarios that could result in a huge profit for you. Bank loans are institutional financing products that must comply with pre-established loan terms and guidelines. If not, the loan request is declined. Bank loans offer no flexibility. Hard money loans are private loans, and this means that a private lending company or even a private individual investor have the freedom and flexibility to determine if your loan request has merit. They are lending their own money, and they see issuing a loan to you as an investment opportunity. They are just as eager to fund a reasonable deal that makes sense as you are to take out the loan. Full Article

Hard Money Loans